Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students 2024/2025 is Ongoing

Safaricom Part time jobs for students in 2024/2025 has commenced and currently ongoing. So, if you’re a student in Kenya and would love to get a part time job then Safaricom would be the perfect employer for you.


In this article we will explain in detail everything you should know concerning Safaricom part time jobs for students 2024/2025 which includes the vacancies available, requirements and eligibility to apply, steps for application, then starting and closing date.

Facts about Safaricom Part Time Jobs

You may ask what part time jobs is. A quick one; part time jobs also known as remote jobs is one that does not necessarily require your physical presence in the office. That means you can deliver your responsibilities at your space.

Safaricom Part time jobs for students aims to enable students get fair stipend on a monthly basis while studying. This is to also help them get necessary work experience and exposure to practical working environment in other to get more ready for the job market after graduation.


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The essence of all these queries is to enable students get jobs popularly known as side hustle. Without further ado let’s get into the main deal.

Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students 2024/2025

Below are emerging part time job opportunities in Safaricom that students can as well explore.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • IT and Technical Support
  • Data Entry and Analysis
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Evergreen Requisition Manager Cyber Security Defense – M-Pesa Africa
  • Agile Portfolio & Value Manager – M-Pesa Africa
  • Technical Team Lead (Software Engineering)

We’re most concern about your success in this recruitment exercise, therefore below is a brief of each job so you have a better understanding.

Safaricom Sales and Marketing Jobs

Sales and Marketing job is mainly about enhancing the company’s products or services visibility to the right audience. In this digital age, this can be achieve through social media platform.

As the Safaricom’s sales and marketing representative, you will be reaching out to prospective clients educating them of new offers.

You do not have to report physically to the office before you can carry out your designated responsibility. This is why this job is best fitted for students.

The technicality in this work is just that you have to meet the company’s target.

Safaricom Customer Care Jobs

This is another Safaricom part time jobs for students that goes really well. In this context, you’re to specifically attain to incoming queries and complaints from customer.

This may sound tedious but with the right schedule and arrangement, you can navigate through it with less stress. Core requirement for this jobs is that you must have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Safaricom IT and Technical Support Jobs

Safaricom as you know is a technology oriented organization, prior to this, there is readily a good part time job offer for persons with IT skills.

The room is open for students that are tech-savvy as you can apply for a part time job in this department.

Your core responsibility would be assisting with tasks such as software installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the company’s computer systems and network infrastructure.

Deducing from this, you would agree with me that, this very job does not require your full time attention in the office, you only report when need be as such it suits you as a student.

Other jobs in Kenya which you can apply are:

Safaricom Data Entry and Analysis Jobs

Data Entry and Analysis is one of Safaricom Part time jobs for students as it entails collecting and analyzing data from the company’s operation.

You will be responsible for capturing data from various sources and then sort them into the company’s database.

Safaricom Event Planning and Coordination Jobs

You can as well apply for this position as it entails planning for upcoming events like logistics, venue selection and participant registration.

Requirements for Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students

In as much as this job is for students, there are still requirements to be meet as stated below.

  • Students applying must be indigenes or residents of Kenya with acceptable identification documents such as National ID Card, International passport or Driver’s license.
  • You will be required to show your admission letter and evidence that you’re an undergraduate
  • You should be willing to adhere to existing work ethics
  • Students that possess excellent communication skill for both written and verbal form are most welcome etc.

How to Apply for Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students

Being the application for Safaricom Part Time Jobs for Students by visiting the recruitment portal, create an account on the job portal.

Login, select the position you wish to apply for, provide the information required, upload necessary documents, review your application and then submit.

Application Deadline

Currently, the Safaricom portal is still open for submission of application by interested students. So, if you wish to apply visit the career portal at

These are the basic things you should know concerning Safaricom part time jobs for students. If you have any question, let us know in the comment section below and feel free to follow us on any of our social media platform Facebook, Twitter (X), Pinterest for more update.

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