Kazi Mtaani Application Form 2024/2025 Online Registration Portal

Do you intend filing Kazi Mtaani Application Form 2024/2025? If yes, the steps to login the online registration portal, fill and submit the form are available in this article.

Not just that but we have also explain the requirements and other eligibility criteria you must possess in other to apply for Kazi Mtaani including the application deadline.

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Overview of Kazi Mtaani Application Form 2024

Kazi Mtaani is under the National Hygiene Program (NHP), it was initiated to help tackle the effect caused by COVID-19 pandemic amongst youths and citizens of Kenya generally.

The program is orchestrated to protect, carry along and even provide fr the most vulnerable persons who currently reside in the rural parts of the country.

Kazi Mtaani had different phases starting from 1 and currently the program is one phase 4. The process has proven positive and encouraging as this has help the government reach out to the less opportunist.

Note that this program covers both loan and housing matters therefore avail yourself the privilege of maximizing this opportunity.

Sequel to this, almost on a yearly basis candidates interested in registering for Kazi Mtaani program have been searching online about the application steps.

We are not just disclosing the registration steps to you but also how you can successfully access, fill and submit Kazi Mtaani application form 2024.

Is Kazi Mtaani 2024 Application Form Out?

Yes, the National Hygiene Program also known as Kazi Mtaani application form for 2024 is out. Interested persons are to visit the online registration portal www.kms.go.ke to fill and submit the form on or before the closing date.

Both the application form and registration process is free of charge. Also, if you’re well to do economically it is advisable you do not register so the slot can accumulate the target audience.

Would you also like to process the following forms?

Kazi Mtaani Registration Commencement Date

Officially, Kazi Mtaani application form will be accessible on the registration portal from Monday 9th September, 2024. This therefore means that the next phase of this program is starting from September.

Eligibility Criteria for Kazi Mtaani Application 2024

The registration requirements for the National Hygiene Program (Kazi Mtaani) is simple. Carefully go through it below before proceeding to the application portal.

  • Prior to identification purpose, candidates applying for this program must be a Kenyan citizen and at least have a National ID card.
  • Candidates applying must have been economically affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak.
  • He or she should be ready to provide evidence of this effect on his shelter and other economic aspect.
  • Applicants must have a criminal or violent free background. In other words he or she must be law abiding.
  • No candidate applying for Kazi Mtaani is expected to be a beneficiary of any other COVID-19 program.
  • Applicant with qualification such as Primary, Secondary, Undergraduate, Vocational/Technical, Graduates, and Masters can apply.

Kazi Mtaani Online Registration Portal

Kazi Mtaani online registration portal is www.kms.go.ke or www.register.kms.go.ke. Any of these links you visit will grant you access to the application form. Remember that the registration process is done online and below are the registration steps.

Application Steps for Kazi Mtaani Program 2024

Filling Kazi Mtaani application form is in four stages, below are the step by step procedure to get that done.

Step 1 – Personal Details

  • Begin by visit the registration portal www.register.kms.go.ke
  • Enter your name starting from First to Last
  • Select carefully your date of birth
  • Select your gender
  • Check if you have any disability
  • Input your phone number in the space provided

Step 2 – National ID card Details

  • Select is you have a National ID or not
  • Enter your serial number, ID number
  • Then your district of birth

Step 3 – Location Details

  • Select your county and sub-county
  • Choose your ward and village
  • Then enter specifically your residence

Step 4 – Education & Skill Level

  • Select your education level, skill level and preferred job
  • Review all the information you’ve provided
  • After that, check the bot recaptcha
  • Check the declaration statement and then submit

Can I Apply for Kazi Mtaani Now?

Yes! You can apply for Kazi Mtaani program now by visiting the registration portal www.register.kms.go.ke and then follow the above guidelines.

Kazi Mtaani Application 2024 Deadline

The deadline for Kazi Mtaani application is Friday 29th November, 2024. Registration portal will be closed on this date and those who are unable to complete and submit their form will be disqualified.

These are all the vital information you should know concerning Kazi Mtaani application form. If you need more update feel free to follow us on these platforms FacebookTwitter (X)Pinterest.

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